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Illinois Garage Door Repair from Northbrook IL provides professional garage door installation services across the entire Chicagoland area.

Our professional garage door technicians will help you with the selection of the most suitable garage door for your needs.

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A garage is an important part of every house. Aside from providing storage for your valuable possessions and vehicles it also greatly affects the looks of the house.

In many cases, homeowners rely on their garage doors as the main entrance to their houses.

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In a commercial building, a properly selected and installed garage door can enhance the company image by adding a professional and aesthetic look to the property. Choosing a proper type of commercial overhead garage door can also save you money and make your business operations go smoothly.

Garage door installation
Garage door installation
Garage door installation

It is very important to have your brand new overhead garage door installed by a professional garage door technician. A garage door consists of many moving and often heavy components that have to be properly installed and calibrated.

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Note:Our service prices vary depending on the particular size and type of your garage door.

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Selecting a perfect garage door for your garage may seem easier than it actually is. When dealing with a variety of available garage doors it is necessary to have professional assistance to ensure it will suit your needs and preferences.

Our experienced garage door specialist will assist you in selecting the most suitable garage door for your application. We offer a wide variety of garage door brands and types. 

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There are 4 major types of garage doors available on the market:

Retractable garage door installation

Retractable garage doors

These doors are easy to install. The tracks are fitted at the top of the door to support it and the springs are fitted to the side frames. With the help of an electronic opener, operating them becomes easier. When these doors are opened, they swing outwards and then slide into the ceiling of the garage. You can select an automatic latching and de-latching system for the proper working of your door. Cons: you can't park your vehicle close to the garage door.

Sectional garage door installation

Sectional garage doors

These doors do not require the door frames provides increased drive-through width. Sectional garage door open by rising vertically upwards and then slide backward into the ceiling of your door. This type of door is mainly manufactured in steel but timber-made versions are also available. Sectional doors are also easy to operate and automated motors make the process further easier.

Roller garage door installation

Roller garage doors

The roller garage doors also rise vertically up when opened but they do not slide into the ceiling of the door. Instead, they get rolled up on a spindle which is located in the ceiling space. It is manufactured from thin walled slats which may or may not have an insulating core depending on the buyers’ choice. Typically, the roller doors are made up of aluminum and steel. The installation process of roller doors is easy but it requires the assistance of second person for lifting up the curtain and fitting it into the support brackets.

Canopy garage door installation

Canopy garage doors

The functioning of the canopy doors is similar to that of the retractable doors however it does not swing outward as much. Also when they slide into the ceiling, one-third part of the door is left over-hanged outwards. These doors are not longer recommended because they are not suited for the automated operation.